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Rally to Save AC Transit Service

November 8, 2010

Reposted from the Ecology Center calendar:

Rally to Save AC Transit Service

Date: Tuesday, November 9, 2010
Time: 5pm.
Location: Frank Ogawa Plaza, Downtown, 14th and Broadway, Oakland.

You’re probably already quite aware of the dire situation AC finds itself in — a $56 million budget deficit and slashing service left and right. Yesterday, AC reduced service across its entire system (a decrease of 7.5% of its service overall) and on December 19th, AC will be cutting about half of its weekend service and 2/3 of its owl service, cutting off service completely to over 24,000 riders. This is going to really, really hurt and we’re sick of politicians doing special favors for BART while AC Transit essentially withers away. Join us in saying No More Cuts to AC Transit! And saying Find the $ for AC Transit Riders like you’ve done for BART Airport-goers! (When BART was short $70 million on the Oakland Airport Connector elected officials from Feinstein to Mayor Dellums helped BART find the money it needed to close the gap.) Organized by Bus Riders, ACCE, BOSS, Genesis, Urban Habitat and Public Advocates.

Also see this listing for the same event:
Join Us to Stop the Transit Cuts and Ask Elected Leaders to Join the Fight.

The B-Line will have a presence at the rally. Everyone is invited to show up and join the B-Line contingent, to network with other transit activists, and to keep the momentum going!

See you at 5pm–look for the B-Line sign.

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