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Why doesn’t the greenest city in America have its own eco-friendly transit system?

The B-Line is a dream come true for Berkeley residents: our very own municipal buses!

The time has come for we, the citizens of Berkeley, to set up our own transit system — specifically a modest fleet of electric (or other green-friendly) small buses or trolleys running throughout the city on a network of routes thoughtfully designed with the riders’ needs in mind.

The B-Line does not exist yet, but it will, with your help and enthusiasm.

Click on the various tabs at the top of the page to get started:

• The Route Map page features a detailed map showing the full geographical extent of the proposed B-Line system.

• The Lines page describes the routes of and illuminates the need for each of the seven initial bus lines, ranging from the Fourth Street Shuttle to the Downtown Trolley to the Emeryville Express to the Shasta/Grizzly Loop.

• The Why page answers the question “Why does Berkeley need its own transit system?” and shows how nearby communities have succeeded with their own similar municipal bus lines.

• The Downloads page features various documents, articles, flyers and maps you can download and print.

• The Funding page is the most important page of all, a discussion of where the money will come from to fund a project that everybody wants.

• The Take Action offers resources and contact info for you to help make the B-Line a reality.

• And finally, the Contact page reveals how you can contact the B-Line for more info.

Where will the buses go?
Everywhere we want them to! See the proposed route map for details. And if you want to suggest a different or improved possible route, leave a comment.

Tentative name:
The B-Line. (The “B” stands for Berkeley, but it’s also a pun on the term “bee-line,” which is even more appropriate considering that the Yellow Jackets are the BHS mascot. The logo can incorporate a bee [or yellow jacket] theme.) However, this is just a suggestion: If you have what you think is a better idea for a name, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

All that’s required to make the B-Line a reality is enough people advocating for its creation.

Join the B-Line movement now!

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  1. I Love Berkeley permalink
    November 25, 2013 9:21 pm

    For ease of regular users, if fares are used, monthly passes should be available for sale. However, those passes shouldn’t be able to be purchased on the bus. Possibly a Berkeley Transit Store next to the Bike Station?

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