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Route Map

Since the B-Line is still in the planning stages, none of the routes depicted here are set in stone. But we have to start somewhere. So consider the following Proposed Route Map to be a first draft for possible bus routes the system could cover.

Each of the seven routes on this Proposed Route Map has been carefully designed to accommodate the actual needs of Berkeley residents. And they are equally distributed throughout the city’s geography: Two cover southside, two cover northside/west Berkeley, two cover the hills, and one services the heart of downtown and Telegraph.

For a detailed description of all of the lines shown on this map, and a discussion of why each is needed, visit the Lines page.

If you have suggestions of your own, you are encouraged to leave them in the comments section to this page or to email them to us at

(Click on the image below to see a full-size jpeg showing the system in more detail.)

You can also download a high-resolution PDF of this route map by right-clicking (Windows) or control-clicking (Mac) this link:

B-Line route map high-resolution PDF (5mb)

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  1. Steve Brown permalink
    October 26, 2010 12:44 pm

    What a great Idea! I wish these lines were around when i was actually attending CAL too!

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